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Client Testimonial

"When I first made contact with Justin London and  he told me that he was interested in helping me with a major financial loss...


Breach of Contract
London Law Group helps businesses with breach of contract claims by providing breach of contract attorney against parties that owe the business money for services rendered, but payment has not received or where payment has been made, but services that are owed to the business has not been rendered.  Breach of contract claims include Article 2 UCC-governed agreements and claims between two merchants or a merchant and a non-merchant. Our breach of contract lawyers can effectively represent our clients in any type of breach of contract defenses and in punitive damages breach of contract cases. The breach of contract lawyers also provides breach of contract legal advice. We also provide unconscionable contract lawyers that help in handling all unconscionable contract cases.  
The Statutes of Frauds
Agreements that involve the sale of goods over $5,000, that entail performance for a year or longer, or a real-estate purchase-sales contract must typically be in writing to be enforced.     


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